Power To The Powerful – Written Thursday 4th November 2021 (Aged 46)

Power To The Powerful

it is easier for others to seek blame
and to blame others
in turn, othering –
is just tagging another
and power,
power has always known this
because power preys on fears
it promotes poor education
it prefers a truly dense fog –
opposed to anything clear
because power loves to divide
and it thrives on rips and tears
power seeks out control
and in society split into class
power just becomes more powerful
power takes fools,
and it burns down their schools
it takes them drinking
and then, after a long night –
it suffocates and kills their critical thinking
power convinces people that it’s not them
even though,
it’s their rights which are sinking
because that is the nature of power
you concede nothing –
and you gain even less
there is only a select few
for whom power never contests
look around at the landscape
it’s a dirty, failing, unequal mess
yet, we continue to hand power to the powerful
no more, and certainly no less

James Garratt – Thursday 4th November 2021

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