Laid On Thick – Saturday 12th July 1997 (Aged 22)

Laid on Thick

inside, nothing is as it seems
and some people,
they do seem special
and they lay their feelings on thick
i have never felt anything like that
it was all pleasure and pain
leaving me emotionally drained
i staggered from the room
i staggered from the feelings –
that left me drained
i have never been got like that
because hours can seem like seconds
i wasn’t ever aware of their name
i felt like i’d found an old friend
i even started to wonder –
why i had bothered to play this game
because inside, nothing is at it seems
as we exist in our world of dreams
and people did not even notice –
as i began to melt
and i wondered at the moment –
if anyone had felt as i had felt
i wondered if anyone else –
had ever been got just like me
and if they’d had it laid on so thick –
that it starts to distort your very reality

James Garratt – Saturday 12th July 1997

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