A Drink Needn’t Speak So Loud – Written Saturday 21st December 2002 (Aged 27)

A Drink Needn’t Speak So Loud

a drink needn’t speak so loud
holding close is not so religious
it is now and not then
and on what you feel
we must cover with a shroud
i saw what i had wondered
but would not say aloud
had it been then and not now
i don’t think i would have been taken
you were sanity when i was insane
but in truth i was only ever mistaken
a drink needn’t speak so loud
hidden messages so loud and clear
part of me did wonder
and wondered what could have been
you will always have place inside
but it was never the final scene
we were never destined to show
but for all that you showed
that is debt for which i will always owe

James Garratt – Saturday 21st December 2002

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