Looking For Yourself – Written December 2002 (Aged 27)

Looking For Yourself

i saw you reading this
but i’ve never told you why
you are looking for yourself –
in all of this
do you do the same –
when you look at the sky
i saw you –
it was a green sleeved dream
a drunken boot scream
a corporation redemption magazine
an article about two
just looking for you
you were reading this –
just looking for you
in every reflection –
in every moment of every day
and if you stare at the mirror too long
the devil will come your way
i saw you –
tell me what it meant
i was locked out and shut out
and i barely dreamt
i know you are the same as us
and that it’s all meant
did you find yourself in here
tell me how it feels
when the strangeness is near

James Garratt – December 2002

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