This Is My Story – Written Monday 6th December 2021 (Aged 46)

This Is My Story

several of my days
remain beautiful in my memory
spokes of hope
love, like soap
emotions, always like rope
such is the day
because when i first realised –
that power is a form of cotton candy
there to be corrupted
and to be devoured
such was the liquid
that poured from my dreams
that i held my wants hostage
and wanted, desired, no more screams
this is my story
and like all our stories
it is underlined with touch
written in a language
not that far removed from double dutch
this is the playground
where play is kept within a blue square
lush are the days
where the coconut shy –
shows deft skill for a craze –
that we do not yet know
because there is a canal boat, a party line
which we always toe
but this story is mine

James Garratt – Monday 6th December 2021

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