Delusion – Written Wednesday 12th October 2005 (Aged 30)


does delusion keep you safe?
does it tuck you in when you go to bed?
does it rearrange the furniture –
which lies scattered inside your head
does delusion atone for your past?
does it wipe down –
and wipe away the pain
make the rain fun so fast
deluding ourselves,
knowing delusion is a drug
we never care about its description
and whatever it is –
we take it beyond a recommended prescription
does delusion make you a better person?
does it somehow mould your untamed sea
sculpt a perfect image,
perhaps the person you would like to be
but we know,
delusion only covers only half the lie
and you are never really free
the truth is, you can never hide from the inside

James Garratt – Wednesday 12th October 2005

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