The Hurt You Caused – Written Thursday 27th September 2007 (Aged 32)

The Hurt You Caused

you will never understand
the hurt you cause
to you,
the world is black and white
who is wrong and who is right
you can not step,
or go beyond the wall
you cannot see how some of it was cruel
or that some of things you said
are quite distressing
it must stem from a life not so interesting
all this constant obsessing
you will never understand
you will never accept or even reach out
and sadly,
that is what it is all about
this connection to others
not pretend care that only smothers
you will never accept that labelling
sometimes really hurts others
but then, you never really search
it is only ever about you
sadly you cannot behave as you do
people will not bend,
trying looking at the clues

James Garratt – Thursday 27th September 2007

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