Relative Failure – Written November 2008 (Aged 33)

Relative Failure

a failure?
a failure when it ended?
it would only have been a failure –
if we had carried on
at least our wounds can be mended
at least the memories we have –
in this new garden can be tended
anyway, what does last forever?
and what is truly open ended?
is it a failure when it ends
failure is many other things
is it when you lose a friend
is it when the heartache and the pain
is something you can no longer comprehend
when meadows that once grew so lush
became scattered like erratic dreams
and your hope is unfairly crushed
a failure that it ended?
it would have been more of a failure –
if we had just blindly carried on
growing our mutual resentment
and never knowing where we belong

James Garratt – November 2008

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