Jumble Sale of Emotion – Written Wednesday 12th January 2022 (Aged 46)

Jumble Sale of Emotion

fear of missing out comes around
and hangs about
what ifs,
always scream and shout
and i am trying to contain
this jumble sale of emotion
which is held in my head
let me have some safe passage
and banish these confused thoughts
i have lived many lives
and it feels likes the only job –
i ever truly did –
was as the assistant –
to the person throwing the knives
now my head is full
and i rampage back over what was
regrets are less specific
than the malingering shops
and what can i do –
when i think about a life –
where hurt was found in greedy buckets
which in turn, tumbled out of life
i am just try to be calmer
this this jumble sale of emotion –
going on inside my busy head

James Garratt – Wednesday 12th January 2022

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