The Narcissism Epidemic – Written March 2022 (Aged 47)

The Narcissism Epidemic

social media has proved to be fertile ground –
for narcissism
there is an avalanche of opinion
a wealth of spotlight,
unashamed and eager to feed
as the very hungry display their needs
every event becomes a just cause –
or a personal agenda
and every person needs their own day
on which they can be remembered
it is narcissism,
the eager rush for either belief
or human touch
it is, ‘me’, ‘me’, ‘me’ and only i see clearly
so i have turned off all the sounds
and i know that is my privilege
which i know for me can be easily found
and i know giving voice to unheard voices
can only be a good thing
but i know what it means to have a choice
and to me, social media,
has one obvious criticism
it’s enticed hungry people in,
and given birth to an epidemic of narcissism

James Garratt – March 2022

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