Thick Skinned – Written Thursday 28th July 2011 (Aged 36)

Thick Skinned

they may as well hang you
or attack you
that is what judgement can do
oh, i know,
be thick skinned
but it is the thick minded
that level the attack

i wonder in life,
how much storm can you take?
how long –
can you be buffeted by waves –
before the scaffolding starts to creak
only to finally give way
i do not mean to be so sensitive
but there was a stage –
where i was never reassured
and my life took a very different course

they may as well beat you or leave you
i watch,
as they cry in the darkness
clinging to their own insanity
with fear, leaking from their brain
but in their own mad reality
they never consider you could feel the same

James Garratt – 28th May 2011

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