Crazy Head – Written July 2011 (Aged 36)

Crazy Head

i am always left fighting
and i have to remind myself,
i do not have a crazy head
believe me,
i long for a balance
and i do want the best
others can offer up their labels
or words which they have found
when they could not put together the clues
do these people want you to be yourself
would they rather change your view
i long to go somewhere better
perhaps, maybe, with you?
we can be running like children
before we climb the trees
before the life we are forced towards
happily forces us to our knees
all these wild head swings
of moods like strange potion
they all have too much pain
of which i need to find a soothing lotion
believe me,
i know our love is like a skylight
and the feelings like desired motion
i am left fighting
but i will not be left half way in a ditch
with such a crazy head
and this constant internal conflict

James Garratt – July 2011

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