Speak the Language – Written Monday 25th July 2022 (Aged 47)

Speak the Language

we want worlds
where the language spoken
is understood,
and it is one that suits us
we want narratives
where the stories have a narrative
that confirms what we suspect
we want opinions,
that act like mirrors
and messages that easily deliver
after all,
who wants to be challenged
when they know they are right
who wants to challenge systems
when individuals will do
we want a place of radical change
but actually, nothing very new
we want a world of variety
but end up with so very few
we want worlds
where we are part of something
and the exclusion of others
is somebody else’s problem
where can people find this place
this world which reflects their bias
this wonderous nirvana of self
i wonder, i wonder, i wonder

James Garratt – Monday 25th July 2022

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