An Unknown Top – Written Friday 13th July 2012 (Aged 37)

An Uknown Top

it is always awkward being me
whilst others –
have aspired and perspired
just to reach an unknown top
i have counted and paused
before i finally stop
whilst others –
lost or never found who they are
i have gorged on identity
and always made it too hard
never believing in any realism
that these unsightly people push
and answers just questions –
on which we chew
but i would not change
and though some look glum
trying to pin it on me
i look at their cross country runs
and i know they are not free
or even complete
they packed up their dancing feet
they live in a world –
as big as the lie they tell themselves
the one which helps them get by
there may not be any actual glory
in being completely honest with yourself
but it has to be a better way
then a lifetime –
of pretending to be somebody else

James Garratt – Friday 13th July 2012

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