Eye of Judgement – Written Thursday 4th August 2022 (Aged 47)

Eye of Judgement

i more than just value it
being exposed?
i feel that every day
the eye of judgement
trained upon me
the course of criticism
i sign up to readily
i want to share not a thing
unless it is on my own terms
not be,
the social media introvert
who somehow,
shares everything!
i am the show off
trying to cling onto something
i know,
that is my unhealthy way
but there are times
and more critical days
that feel like they are ongoing
and never just a phase
in the harsh light of opinion
i do not want to bathe
i more than just value it
i cradle it, crave it, caress it
you can nothing of me
as i give everything of me
a contradiction on my own terms
i share nothing,
and that is where i start from

James Garratt – Thursday 4th August 2022

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