Hold The Cup Aloft – Written Friday 12th August 2022 (Aged 47)

Hold The Cup Aloft

the old days were better,
so, they say
why don’t you write them a love letter
and tell them why you didn’t stay
they tell me,
that in those days children were just naughty or good
but we never talk about the poor mental health
and those disruptive moods
or the grandparents
who as parents themselves failed to tie the emotional ties
if the old days were so much better,
tell all about the war torn inside

the old days were better,
so, they say
so why don’t you write them a personal letter
and explain to them your damaging ways
where did all that behaviour come from?
was it crib or immediately after you were born
the old days and their so-called values
when inequality and prejudice were a welcomed norm
all those attachments,
so badly torn
why did so many of you fail to even turn up
were you too busy playing men’s sport
caught up in the desire to win and hold the cup aloft
but what did that mean to families in those old days
who found that love and care was easily lost

James Garratt – Friday 12th August 2022

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