Bait and Hook – Written September 2022 (Aged 47)

Bait and Hook

i haven’t got the polish
of those others
my opinions
do not recline as well or as fast
my railway tracks
lack fresh ballast
but i have,
slick and well fed views
and although they may be in a sale
they come in a variety of hues
people do not look at me
or look down
they just look straight ahead
and engage with my frown
and my lawn,
is not as fresh as their lawn
in fact,
it is shot with artificial grass
one of us will be there,
and one of us will be on the bypass
i am not as lovely
as the others
as i find myself in a sawmill
making sawdust duvet covers
but i am me,
my charm may not always keep calm
but i am doing okay and i am fine
sat here with my bait and hook
and all my flexible lines

James Garratt – September 2022

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