Shrink Wrapped Self Esteem – Written August 2022 (Aged 47)

Shrink Wrapped Self Esteem

the idea, the notion of standing out
petrified you
and when i said it,
i saw you shrink
and i saw you sit back
and i felt my love my pouring out
how could you be made,
so that you feel like that
a lack of confidence and self esteem
too easily tipping its hat
i saw you as an auctioneer
sitting there offering values on yourself
with a purse full of fear
i could see just how much they had done
how they had sunk your self belief
how they had buried your self esteem
it is somewhere underneath
just say you are special or have much to offer
your reaction revealed so much
not least, the empty coffers
but you are special, very special
full of intelligence, of love, of kindness
and so much more
how sad it is that so many parents
slam this particular door

James Garratt – August 2022

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