Handmade Ouija Board – Written December 2005 (Aged 30)

Handmade Ouija Board

when i was young
i made myself a handmade ouija board
i found my pain and i followed its course
when i was young
i met a jewish medium,
who seemed to understand
made the boy,
grow up to be a man
made him put away his toys
and that included the handmade ouija board
but as handmade as it was,
it helped me find my spiritual brother
and i met an airhostess in another life
who i dreamt that she’d become my lover
i made her a meal,
all those things i learned,
i just never paid the bill
not when i was young,
and i dallied with the handmade ouija board
oh, it was so long ago now

James Garratt – December 2005

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