Once Upon A Time – Written Thursday 13th October 2022 (Aged 47)

Once Upon A Time

once upon a time,
in a land that is far away
i longed for attention
and for the actors in my life
to hang onto –
every word i had to say
when growing up
it was science and languages
and something about flowers
but not a thing about insecurity
or how it craves and misuses power

now i am far away
more than a jet plane ride away –
from that distant place
i long to share nothing
and clasp shut, my personal suitcase
i do not dance,
nor do i do tricks
and i know now all about power
avoiding the urge to lay it on thick
i want to be left alone
let the other actors
chew on the fat, then the bone
it means more to me
to turn around every slice of life
and learn all about privacy

James Garratt – Thursday 13th October 2022

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