Scallywag – Written Thursday 13th October 2022 (Aged 47)


i am,
an underrated scallywag
with a bag –
of joke laden swag
i am a cheeky chappie
who learned about sadness
and how it is okay to be unhappy
it does not always lead to sadness
i am an awkward boy
dazzled by 1970’s toys
a mothers’ mistrust
a fathers’ ploy
i am the brutalist building
the one they should have torn down
and when it came to being young
you know i really went to town
i am,
a badly dressed model
with a fashion of my own
and whatever i model
it continues to roam
i am a person with a sensitive smile
which came from a jewellers
which in turn is part of a chain
it was sold to me in gold and silver
so i could re fashion aspects of my pain
i am the quick wit
that never quite set
or even dried out
i do come with a quiet nature
but it is one with considerable clout

James Garratt – Thursday 13th October 2022

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