Rummaging Around Boxes – Written Thursday 3rd November 2022 (Aged 47)

Rummaging Around Boxes

saw some photographs today
as i was rummaging around in a box
i was looking for something else,
something i still cannot find
but the photograph caught me,
kind of,
hit home hard
moments now lost in time
caught on camera
when i was hers and she was mine
moments in time
we all looked so young
so young…
what happened to us all?
and no, life has not somehow failed
or being overtly cruel
but for me, something did cave in
and i will always know that
no amount of smiling photographs
can ever change that
and for a moment i find myself lost
trying to account for personal losses
saw some photographs today
just rummaging around in boxes

James Garratt – Thursday 3rd November 2022

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