Realism Cannot Be Found – Written Friday 9th December 2022 (Aged 47)

Realism Cannot Be Found

that much is true
i have created high art
from a palette of only blues
i have been a mystery
with very few clues
listen to me,
let’s see what we can find
after all,
you have found dissident fever
in your topsy turvy mind
maybe you are
after all,
they framed you heart
just for taking part
and they place us
in a softly padded cell
where relatives i never knew
once tumbled and fell
like those mornings with hope
the bell ringers without rope
the catholic with a lost pope
golden eras,
all bathe in a solid sound
we only chase rabbits,
because our dreams have gone to ground
and now,
realise cannot be found

James Garratt – Friday 9th December 2022

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