Something Wrong? – Written Wednesday 28th December 2005 (Aged 30)

Something Wrong?

does not mean something wrong
does it?
so why does different
so confuse people
as people,
do we have to be the same?
why is everything,
a condition, illness or a disorder
surely we are just human beings?
we are all shapes and sizes
good or bad,
a billion surprises
this modern cult of blame
this idea that every kink of personality
must have a name
it is enough,
to diagnose you as insane
does not have to mean something wrong
just accepting each other
may be a touch naïve
but this rush to a syndrome culture
is one that i just cannot believe
for me,
it is rude and leaves me feeling sick
i guess it is a modern habit
one that society may need to kick

James Garratt – Wednesday 28th December 2005

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