The End of Collectivism – Written Wednesday 21st December 2022 (Aged 47)

The End of Collectivism

they want to be whoever they want
say what they want
do what they want
and all without compromise
without acknowledging others
under the banner
of promoting self worth
and better mental health
society, this society,
it surely finds itself at a crossroads
where modernity is all about the self
free speech
free expression
and it’s my right
are the rallying cries
by all those who suggest we are in a fight
no balance,
no compromise is ever found
it is all about the voice
and who has the loudest sound
as opinions are ignored
or shouted down
debates rage on with such rage
boiling up every, ‘ist’ and ‘ism’
modernity is clearly all about the self
and this is the end of collectivism

James Garratt – Wednesday 21 December 2022

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