Reach – Written December 2022 (Aged 47)


the reach does not extend as far as we would like
or even hope
youth told us only two stories,
we were either worthless,
or genius in expert disguise
and that all those creative talents would come alive
and any big venue,
we would fill
but in the end the reach did not extend
and we realised that we had to pay the bills
for me,
it’s all about the reach and the ceiling above us
self made men,
and political conservatives,
tell us that barriers do not exist
that hard work will always be it’s own reward
and that application and dedication will make you rich
to them,
it is nothing but a level playing field
with a three legged race where they have a head start
so then, it is not so easy to take part
because our reach, the reach, it does not extend
and we all know that when hope and dreams do not fit
you cannot force them, no matter how much you try to bend

James Garratt – December 2022

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