Follow His Dreams – Written February 2003 (Aged 28)

Follow His Dreams

you don’t let him follow his dreams
especially if those dreams,
do not involve you
they’re drowned in a sea of insecure screams
everything has to be your way
it’s you way or no way at all
be like the glorious past
the one that you ran away from
there are little references to the last
and how he is not like him
not as tidy and not as smart
but wasn’t he the one who lied to you
and left you with a broken heart
you have started to suffocate feeling
and it lies there,
staring up at the ceiling
and you’ve an aversion to expectation
you do not let him follow his path
not so that he can find his solace
but you just laugh,
he is left trying to do his best
before the feelings fail,
and they fall to a cardiac arrest

James Garratt – February 2003

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