Is Race Just About Run? – Written Monday 31st March 2003 (Aged 28)

Is This Race Just About Run?

a 21st century problem,
with a medieval solution
a roman solution
a pre history solution
a victorian solution
an elizabethan solution
a saxon solution
a celtic solution
a greek solution
even a bloody egyptian solution
in fact,
it is not based on race
country or empire
of the colour of a persons face
it is the way it has always been
for this stupid dilapidated human race
why can’t we solve our problems
is this race just about run?
why is it always,
the fist, the tank,
any kind of weapon including the gun
it is the 21st century
and we still have the same solution
to the worlds problems
it never ever works
all we get is coffins,
blood, resentment and future hurt

James Garratt – Monday 31st March 2003

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