The Film – Written Thursday 6th August 2009 (Aged 34)

The Film

you star in your own spaghetti western
your own silent film
your own tribute to buster keaton
your own hitchcock thriller
your own rumble in the jungle
your own thriller in manila
i will just step to one side
and find myself a place
watching something slowly die
it is not my favourite game
watching this screen epic
in all but name
but its really quite tepid
and to be unloved is insane
you star in your own romantic comedy
your own strange subplot
your own road trip mate
with shades of alfred hitchcock
you star in your own italian job
your own majestic historic epic
where history never really stops
you keep on boxing
just like rocky balboa
i am so tired of ducking and diving
i cannot take anymore

James Garratt – Thursday 6th August 2009

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