Deadly Kiss – Written Saturday 15th August 2009 (Aged 34)

Deadly Kiss

your failings,
fell readily from my heart
impaled themselves on the railings
and then we fell apart
your failings,
the ones,
i try not to raise
every time i let people in,
but you cannot be saved
your failings,
crashed hard upon my shore
the unwanted cargo,
from a shipwrecked past
one that i had seen before
and had hoped would not last
i know that you ached to believe
and wanted to grasp a positive future
but your failings,
looked like a sunset
when viewed from afar
but up close,
they staggered and clung to the bar
i have seem them before
in lots of people that i know
personal feelings,
are the hardest to give
however when they are absent
they are sorely missed
your failings,
were my most deadly kiss

James Garratt – Saturday 15th August 2009

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