Advice Vending Machine – Written Sunday 30th August 2009 (Aged 34)

Advice Vending Machine

when i appear to be angry
people seem to be chocked
as if,
the person they saw in me
has somehow become lost
when i do not conform
to the character they create
when expectation,
has upped and left
with no real deliberation
they look at me,
and it is,
a where now situation
how can i appear to be angry
when that’s an unknown destination
should i not have needs to?
should i not want something back?
i cannot be the trouper figure
the one you’re always expecting
i am not an advice vending machine
i am not a leaning post
i am a human being
why do people take and take
is it any surprise,
is happiness meant to be faked?

James Garratt – Sunday 30th August 2009

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