One Of The Ghosts – Written Sunday 2nd March (Aged 39)

One Of The Ghosts

i am one of the ghosts now
my aura sepia tinged
my centre place renamed
out on the fringe
i am one of those characters
in old photographs
my life has been left there
my time is past
i can walk the streets and reminisce
i can find cafes and bars
never really missed
i wonder now
what was my life there
what was its thread
the past is quick to move on
and it is a long time dead
i am one of those buildings
visible but without place
i am the owner of the cart
with a long forgotten face
i am the tram driver
the shopkeeper looking familiar
the ghostly shadow
years, only years is the difference
in that town,
i am now the ghost of my own past
and that is what i feel as i wander around

James Garratt – Sunday 2nd March 2014

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