High Horse – Written Friday 24th January 2014 (Aged 38)

High Horse

you are not as clever as you think you are
you have mistaken fact and fiction
it is funny,
how much a person,
will ride a high horse,
and treat the reigns like their morals
i know that in photographs you always change
working your way through identities
and working out how you want to be
it is funny,
how much a person will think they are right
and how they will treat their opinions
like a capital gain
maybe i am like that,
just the same,
buried as i am in my own shame
but to me,
there is always thought that i could be wrong
a life of dubious destinations
has, in reality, always dragged me along
and i know, like the passing of life
you are not as clever as you think you are
and you are not always right
i wonder about the weather
and i am wondering if you ever sleep tight

James Garratt – Friday 24th January 2014

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