Emotional Pickaxes – Written October 1997 (Aged 22)

Emotional Pickaxes

if relationships are a mountain to climb
why isn’t it that the pickaxes you use,
to help you reach the top
become weapons you choose
when the caring stops
why we want to destroy each other
when we can no longer care
when we can no longer stand the sight of each other
it is then that we are laid bare
taking an emotional pickaxe
and laying your partners hope
you make sure the aim is precise
you go for the heart and not the throat
destroying each others lives
you drag each other down
not for that passion that once led further
but for passions that boils as hate
using those pickaxes to destroy each other
emotional pickaxes,
when the mountain you are climbing
no longer becomes a possible feat
when the snow sets in,
when you start to fall to a destructive beat
when it finally becomes an end
you take your emotional pickaxes
and slay what was once your special friend
you try to destroy each other,
as both get fatally hurt and then start to bleed
still you for your lover,
you don’t want but you try to succeed

James Garratt – October 1997

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