Jealous Friends – Written October 1997 (Aged 22)

Jealous Friends

why do you want to put me down
do you think,
i somehow do not know anything
we used to talk,
but then we drifted
we used to flirt,
but you never believed i was gifted
and then,
you said you always got hurt
but now i am talking to a friend
and as it happens,
we are getting on fine
but you want to stop it,
by putting me down all the time
why do you want to put me down
was it because i talked to your friend
is that you turned on me
you know,
i have not dome anything wrong
i did not stop talking to you
and if you think your friend is too old
that i am out of my depth
you should know what i have done
and please do not hold your breath
i am not so young, i am not
i know this score,
i know the boundaries
and you know,
i never cross over them these days
and if your friend doesn’t want me around
she will tell me to my face,
you were not out with us the other night
so i know this is just jealously
and i know you are not right

James Garratt – October 1997

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