I Never Met God – Written Wednesday 22nd October 1997 (Aged 22)

I Never Met God

in my travels i have never met god
some will say i was not looking
but i was not needing
and if they only come out when i need
then i am not believing
sometimes i want a person
to catch my drift or take the strain
me me,
as right as rain
the girlfriend and the relationship
but that is only when i need
and that is no basis for a relationship
or an answer to loneliness
people say to me that they have found god
god must be so grateful
because all this time people have lived
and lived without believing
suddenly, when it starts to rain
the churches are heaving
and then they start needing
or feeling really guilty
they can find god,
and for them it makes things okay
wraps it all up with bows and ribbons
they say it gives them understanding
yet in reality they refuse to understand
especially those like them,
full of religion
i never me god and i am still on my travels
in fact, i am living in the experience of my travels

James Garratt – Wednesday 22nd October 1997

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