Previous Baggage – Written October 1997 (Aged 22)

Previous Baggage

what are you talking for
i have been here,
at least once before
occasionally i get that message
i am carrying previous baggage
i am saddled with memories
i cannot remember living
what are you staring for
i nothing less,
and certainly nothing more
sometimes it’s just a face you see
you never scramble for the real me
take a look outside,
the world cries and it lies
just as we live and then we die
or die and then live,
i guess that depends on how you feel
or what you consider to be best
like life after death,
they say it’s just a solution to this mess
what about life before death
where at least i know i am taking a breath
that is where i live
and leave behind my previous baggage

James Garratt – October 1997

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