Round A Girls House – Written Wednesday 22nd October 1997 (Aged 22)

Round A Girls House

round a girls house
the one you never got
the one you always see
the one who’s name you never forgot
the one who knows it’ll never end
because it never begun
she’s never been your girlfriend
round a girls house
the who is not too far away
she makes you cups of tea
and asks if you would like a mug
you wonder is she means you
you have a past,
held together by emotional glue
the girl is always talking
you want to stop talking
and start kissing
round a girls house
she took all of your friends to bed
but not to look out of the window
and admire that urban view
but you will never know
because she never took you
she relies on you for everything
without ever getting too close
round a girls house
out of luck and full of hope

James Garratt – Wednesday 22nd October 1997

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