You Ticked a Box

You Ticked a Box

you ticked a box
and now we leave
let’s see if the abstract concept
in which you believe
the kind of poverty that –
as a country shames us,
let’s see,
if it rebuilds trust
from groups isolated
also from the rigours
of mainstream society
let’s see if your bogus simplicity
becomes –
a bogus reality
you opted out –
without ever understanding
what it meant to be in
to your undoubted brilliance
i hardly know where to begin
let’s see –
if handing over control
to these right wing conservatives
sees fairness flourish
and an end to a society,
too selective about
deserving and undeserving poor
if only you knew a little more,
your fatal choice, was not so riddled with flaws

James Garratt – Wednesday March 14th 2018

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