Daytime Daydream

Daytime Daydream

everyday i yawn
wonder why i was born
just watching t.v
conditioning my brain
to see what they want me to see
going out, trying to please
all those who need pleasing
just a tease,
for all those who need teasing
take a train to an unknown place
without paying my fare
not really caring
how long it takes to get there
feeling really daring
then coming back home again
to slump in front of the t.v
thinking about everybody
then they phone,
but it is a conversations of yes and no
i look at the clock
and notice the day is going real slow
just watching t.v
all alone
just watching t.v
on the the phone
just watching t.v
am i me?
or just a clone?

James Garratt – August 1995

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