Do These Shoes I Wear Even Fit My Feet?

Do These Shoes I Wear Even Fit My Feet?

when they say, you are a success
my self esteem and doubt
are put under house arrest
and i examine,
every moment of my ego
and i wonder,
am I a genuine human being
and am i full of false belief?
do these shoes that i walk in,
even fit my feet?
why did i choose the destination
and why did i never feel so complete
maybe everyone,
is actually sick of me,
after all,
i do not see what they see
and i promise, i did not mean to end up here
i am sorry, all this was my accident
and i feel like i should explain...
but self belief in ones self is not a linear gain
and there have been periods in my life
of such immense pain
when my hope,
really could not take the strain

James Garratt - Sunday 30th December 2018

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