i wonder about the values of people
in a, ’roundabout’ way
i have clung to the idea –
that people do want kindness
and not, some, unforgiving society
that spends time –
not doing a thing for the ‘vulnerable’
i have clung to the idea –
that this would not be anybody’s choice
but i wonder –
is it human nature that kicks in
to kick out –
is that people can spend a lifetime
hiding problems
and avoiding coming to terms –
with what they have experienced
are people frightened
is it the slow, chip, chip of the pickaxe
media, slowly breaking down –
their ability to think
what is going on –
darkness and non compassion,
dishonesty and cruelty –
presents itself so clearly to me
and. it is not, i know best,
or that i think i must be right
i just cannot believe the lies told to me
and i know we must therefore, continue the fight

James Garratt – Friday 7th June 2019

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