Fill Me Up (Empty Me Out) – Thursday 31st March 2011

Fill Me Up (Empty Me Out)

surely i am a bit old for this
babies are born
i have fallen all over again
but i cannot tell them
we have to pick each other up
i have put on weight
but i keep on running
i am trying to clear my plate
i took too much on
i am getting close to forty
i lost the can opener
i found the wine in a bottle
second my point of view
fill me up and empty me out
travel the circumference –
of our collective thoughts
surely i can do better than this?
i will be a domestic goddess
i will be a handyman
i will make my home a fortress
but someone needs to decorate
cycle to my road
you can always be better
we collapse by the past
some people grit their teeth
they try to hard to laugh

There are many more poems and stuff at

James Garratt – Thursday 31st March 2011

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