Unsteady on My Feet – Monday 25th November 1996

Unsteady on My Feet

there is no reason left to care
i have gambled my stash
and paid for it dear
but i did not do too bad
so what have l left to lose
i am not feeling sorry for myself
but after everything,
i am left a little battered and bruised
not too much
but enough to leave me with a few scars
i have shown everyone who i am
and given all the backstabbers
a chance to reveal their hand
but when faced with face
they huddle in corners
like frightened shadows
my head will explode
before it gets round you
now i am unsteady
and lack in memory or sanity
but life goes on,
just not the same

More early twenties mid 90’s stuff and more at

James Garratt – Monday 25th November 1996

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