Turning on Taps (Originally Untitled) – Written Thursday 15th March 2012

Turning on Taps

what would you say
if you could see us now
past tense
have all turned on the taps
sometimes when it comes to raw emotion
there is no holding back
i treasure those last words
conversations and moments exchanged
i am in pain
but that is grieving
i have no intention of leaving
i remember you
walking down the hospital corridor
the meal i cooked you
on christmas weekend
i wish i knew what you meant to say
on that final day, when it came to an end
you were a mum
of whom being a mum
did not always come easy
it was not a lack of love or even pride
more those younger days that left you permanently queasy
in my minds eye
i will always be accepting
even if your voice,
i will always be expecting

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James Garratt – Thursday 15th March 2012

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