Past The Decade (The 1990’s Day) – Written November 1995 (Aged 20)

Past the Decade (The 1990’s Day)

we will be okay
i am getting away from this crowded planet
fed up of the get rich quick baby boom
you will be out in the town
in your post evening gown
is there a place
for cool headed thinkers
is there a place to go
for all day drinkers
i have been chasing my own tail
i wonder why it is i am doing okay
yet the people closest have failed
i wonder about the 1990’s day
is it a case of, grab your friend
simply because it is a sign of peace
or is it because some think this is the end
scared of ever increasing legislation
no one is looking ahead
the tabloid labelled dead end generation
it is becoming a case of protecting your own
keep them out of trouble
soon everyone will have their own individual kingdom
in our sealed bubble
i do not know, i guess we will be okay soon

More 1990’s writing and poems at

James Garratt – November 1995

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