Surprise Box – Written November 1995 (Aged 20)

Surprise Box

you never know what is going to be
never know what is round the corner
never know, you may bump into me
tomorrow is the surprise box
sometimes it is all smiles
sometimes it is sadness and blandness
you never know, do you
it is a case of letting tomorrow come
you have a surprise box
you let it blow, and you never know
today could rain for all i care
come tomorrow, which is around the corner
and you will catch me hanging around there
me and my friends playing on the corner
kicking a ball against the wall
we know tomorrow is coming
but we cannot expect us to always be responsible
you cannot cry today without hope
hope at least for next week
you are still on the planet
even if the atmosphere is bleak
do not be here in vain, we lived once before
you never know, we may live again
as we tumble across the floor
see what is around the corner, it is a surprise box
and what could be better to symbolise tomorrow

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James Garratt – November 1995

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