He Smiles at Us – Written Monday 16th December 2019 (Aged 44)

He Smiles At Us

he smiles at us
as his broken personality
in its many pieces
rattles around in his head
his ‘war cry’
is not our command
compassion, empathy, kindness
that is our demand
but these privileged revolutionaires
will take us apart
they will implement self fighting
they will freeze our loving hearts
and they leave us dividing

he smiles at us
but the smile is disconnected
a learned action
that rose above poorly formed attachments
the personality deficits
and the wealthy catchments
we are in trouble now
but some feel kind towards his smile
they have crept towards it,
embraced it,
and believed it to be true
but when the smile bares its eton teeth
i suspect then, then we will be concerned about the view

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James Garratt – Monday 16th December 2019


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