Welcome To Your New Horizon – Written Monday 16th December 2019 (Aged 44)

Welcome To Your New Horizon

self interest
has put a cross in the box
as the sun sets on a hopeful dream
mass media
has donned its sunglasses
and sharpened its blades
the country is a sleeping troll
that grumbles
to the sound of propaganda
here we are
as the self appointed righteous
protesting with dilapidated breath
one more choice
that never made the list
welcome to your new horizon
now the rules have changed
they have turned us into fighting bears
the rulers love this game
we have been on this road for some time
this shoddy destination
has suited us well
powerful institutions only conserve power
and protect their class
they are abstract portrait painters
behind frosted glass
and you want this?
the green hills of england start to melt
the communities of commerce
have forcibly tightened our belts
welcome to your new horizon
be careful now, be careful what you wish for

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James Garratt – Monday 16th December 2019

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