Truth and Fantasy – Written Tuesday 11th February 2020 (Aged 44)

Truth and Fantasy

my life has been populated,
and scattered with people
who did not want my truths
and for whom,
their own truths
were weights they could not bear
and if you cannot bear others and their truths
then how do you show them that you care?

i am not a martyr,
nor particularly resilient
i have just about accepted
that others need their fantasies
and alternate narratives,
much more than me
so i have tended to follow this path
and indulged in their alternative realities

in my life, i have been sad,
deeply sad and deeply troubled
but my sadness has held hands
with sheer bloody mindedness
others seem less secure,
and their sadness does not sit so easily with them
my ingrained experience, these three verses
hsd always deeply defined my being

James Garratt – Tuesday 11th February 2020

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